Carmen Papalia

Access is an entry point to experience. My projects serve as models for change that contribute to a productive understanding of accessibility—where each entry point to experience is recognized as a worthwhile path to follow. My own access, which is dictated by a visual impairment, serves as the basis for participatory projects that investigate individual access with regard to public space, the Art institution and visual culture. I produce temporary solutions in the form of walking tours, workshops, public interventions, museum projects and art objects. When developing a project I seek out methods, platforms and venues that will promote my own access and mobility as a disabled person*, and which will bring visibility to the topics that I explore in my
work. My projects require those involved to embody aspects of my own way of being—a gesture that  establishes trust, empathy and interdependence between myself and my participants. In an effort to destabilize visual primacy, my current work creates the opportunity for non-visual methods of interpretation to be embraced as a means of

*a disabled person is a person that experiences limited access and mobility as the result of systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society.